Validating licensure status


Change of Personal or Employment Information


Licensure Requirements and Information


The following licensure policy information is divided into sections. The summary below identifies the section where you will find relevant licensure information.


A: Temporary Licensure Pathways

            This section includes information for:

  1. New graduates
  2. LPNs applying from other Canadian jurisdictions
  3. Former CLPNNL registrants returning to practice
  4. International Applicants
    1. Eligible international applicant with currency of practice hours
    2. Eligible international applicant without currency of practice hours, seeking the Supervised Practice Experience Program
    3. Eligible international applicant – non generalist
  5. Emergency temporary license applicants


B: Annual Renewal of Licensure

This section includes information for CLPNNL licensed LPNs renewing their license, including requirements, timelines, and penalties.


C: Reinstatement of Licensure

This section contains information for individuals who:

  • fail to renew their license by the licensure renewal date of March 31st.
  • Return to licensure following a planned leave.
  • Reinstate licensure after practice outside NL.


D:  Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam (CPNRE)

This section includes the exam writing policy, links to exam blueprints, application forms and testing windows.


E: English Language Proficiency

This section includes the policy related to English language proficiency requirements. 


F: Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check

The section includes the policy for document requirements and timelines.


G: Mandatory Jurisprudence Education

This section includes the policy on the requirement of jurisprudence education, and the link to the required module.


    H: Duty to Report Criminal Convictions and/or Reporting of Disciplinary Action by a Regulator

This section contains the policy including timelines for notification to CLPNNL.


I: Continuing Competency Program (CCP)

This section contains the CCP policy, and links to the CCP Toolkit, and forms for completion.


J: Verification of Licensure by CLPNNL

This section contains the required form and identifies timelines.


K: Appeal of Licensure Application and Renewal Decision

This section contains the appeals policy.


L: Registration and Service Fees

This section contains the fees collected by CLPNNL for registration and services.


M. Assessment of Work Responsibilities

This section includes information for LPNs requesting consideration of their role as nursing practice, for the purposes of currency of practice hours.


N. Recognition of Volunteer Hours

This section includes information for LPNs requesting consideration of LPN hours for a volunteer role.


Continuing Competency Program

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador (CLPNNL) has the legislated responsibility, in accordance with the Licensed Practical Nurses Act (2005), to regulate the practice of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in Newfoundland and Labrador. In keeping with its mandate of public protection, the CLPNNL implemented a mandatory Continuing Competency Program (CCP) for LPNs in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2017. The CCP was revised in 2023.

LPNs are required to demonstrate a commitment to continuing competence by meeting the requirements established through the Licensed Practical Nurses Regulations (2011), Standards of Practice for Licensed Practical Nurses in Canada (2020), and through the annual completion of CLPNNL’s Continuing Competency Program (CCP). Section 5. 1 (c) of the LPN Regulations states that “The Registrar may renew the license of a practical nurse who applies for renewal where the practical nurse has provided, in addition to the requirements set out in section 12 of the Act, proof that is satisfactory to the board of successful completion of a program of continuing competence as may be required by the board”. The Standards of Practice for LPNs states that “the LPN self-assess their professional practice and competence and participate in continuous learning”. Therefore, all LPNs, regardless of practice setting and employment status, are required to participate in the CCP each year in order to renew their license.

CLPNNL’s CCP is a regulatory program and a quality assurance element designed to assist LPNs to maintain and enhance their professional competence every year. It requires LPNs to reflect and identify opportunities to broaden their knowledge base, increase their skill capacity and enhance their individual scope of practice, ultimately achieving professional growth and continually improving competence throughout their nursing career. The CCP provides a level of assurance to the public that LPNs are continuously meeting their professional standards of practice.

The CCP is an integral part of the CLPNNL’s Quality Framework. As noted in the Quality Model below, it is one of the seven key elements which collectively supports LPNs in practicing safely, competently, compassionately, and ethically.

CCP Framework


Each year, LPNs document their learning in the CCP Toolkit listed below. If selected for Quality Monitoring, CLPNNL requires LPNs to submit portions of the their Toolkit. 

2024 CCP Toolkit 

2023 CCP Toolkit